Boeing SLAM-ER Enhances U.S. Navy P-3C Fleet

The Boeing [NYSE: BA] Standoff Land Attack Missile Expanded Response (SLAM-ER) missile recently completed integration onto the U.S. Navy P-3C Orion.

"Integrating the SLAM-ER onto our P-3C aircraft is a huge leap in capability. We can now launch a precision weapon from more than 150 miles from the target, strike it and stay out of harms way", said Navy Commander John Coffey, P-3 Weapons Deputy Program Manager.

Following a three-year process that included extensive development and operational testing, the SLAM-ER can now be used on the Navy's anti-submarine and anti-warfare fleet. Currently, 19 of the first 59 P-3Cs have been modified with the remaining scheduled for completion this year.

With the smallest Circular Error Probable (CEP) in the U.S. Navy's inventory, it is an extremely accurate air-launched, day/night, adverse weather, over-the-horizon, precision missile. As the first strike weapon that can be retargeted in flight, it uses global positioning system data and an infrared seeker with an advanced data link for precise attacks against targets on land or at sea from long ranges.

"The hard work involved with making this integration successful will pay huge dividends for the warfighters by keeping them safer," said John Lockard, Boeing Naval Systems senior vice president. "Our maritime patrol aircrews can now enjoy the lethality and flexibility SLAM-ER provided aircrews in both Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom,"

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