Boeing JDAM Team Receives William J. Perry Award

The Boeing [NYSE: BA] Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) industry team was named winner of the 2004 William J. Perry Award by the Precision Strike Association, Wednesday, at its Winter Roundtable meeting in Arlington, Va.

The Perry Award, named after the former secretary of defense, is presented annually to the public or private sector for outstanding leadership or technical achievements resulting in significant contribution to precision strike systems. The U.S. Air Force Joint Program Office shared the award as the team was recognized for developing and delivering the JDAM to the warfighter.

The JDAM is a low-cost guidance kit that converts unguided free-fall bombs into capable and cost-effective air-to-surface "smart" weapons. Developed in the early 1990's, it brings autonomous, all weather, near precision bombing capability to the United States Air Force and Navy and was used extensively in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

"The JDAM program has effectively changed how the armed forces deploy and use historically strategic assets like the B-52, B-1 and B-2 aircraft," said Rick Heerdt, Boeing JDAM Program Manager. "Equipped with JDAM weapons, these aircraft are capable of providing long-range precision strike against multiple targets, which has been a capability often times used by commanders in recent conflicts."

"We are very honored to join our Air Force and Navy customers in receiving this prestigious award. Delivering this capability when our nation continues to fight the war on terrorism is a source of pride to our employees and partners," said Heerdt.

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