Fresh New Look Debuts in Boeing Next-Generation 737 Lavatories
Passenger suggestions drive restroom renovations

Boeing [NYSE: BA] is introducing a redesigned lavatory for its Next-Generation 737 commercial airplanes that is more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for passengers and easier for airlines to maintain.

A 737-700 delivered to China Southern Airlines today is the first to carry the new lavatory. Aspects of the redesigned lavatory reflect suggestions from passengers and airline operators around the world.

"We're committed to offering technical or aesthetic innovation that enhances the value of the 737 as well as the comfort and flying experience for the passenger," said Carolyn Corvi, Boeing 737 vice president and general manager. "The redesigned lavatory accomplishes both."

The new lavatory features:

  • A seat and lid damper also used on the Boeing 777, which slows the closure of the seat and lid and prevents slamming.
  • A gently-curved composite countertop that holds a larger stainless steel sink.
  • An adjustable temperature-controlled faucet that can be operated with one hand and automatically shuts off.
  • A larger soap dispenser conveniently located over the sink rather than on the countertop.
  • Brighter lighting that incorporates lightweight and efficient LED lighting technology.
  • A re-vamped venting system that produces a quieter lavatory interior.

Airline maintenance technicians will find that the restyled lavatory panels provide easier and faster access to plumbing, while improved anti-corrosion materials will lower maintenance costs. There is also a larger waste container and bigger stowage compartments for supplies.

The new lavatory complements an already passenger-pleasing cabin that provides more head room and larger overhead stowage bins. The Next-Generation 737s are the newest and most technologically advanced in their class, and continue to be Boeing's best selling commercial airplane.


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