Olympic Aviation Receives Boeing 717 Reliability Award

The Boeing Company [NYSE:BA] has presented Olympic Aviation with an "Outstanding 717 Dispatch Reliability Award" during a meeting with the airline held here.

Olympic, which operates three leased Boeing 717-200 passenger jets, achieved a dispatch reliability rate of 99.84 percent for all of 2002. The rate is the percentage of scheduled flights that leave on time from an airport without having a technical problem.

"This means that passengers who fly on Olympic Aviation's 717s are departing the gate on time nearly 100 percent of the time and getting to their destinations as scheduled," said Dan Meadows, 717 fleet chief for Boeing. "It is obvious that Olympic has hard-working and talented people who take a great deal of pride in what they do."

Meadows presented the performance award to Antony Alifrangis, general manager of technical operations at Olympic Aviation.

This is the third award of its type that Boeing has presented to 717 operators to recognize outstanding dispatch reliability.

The typical 717-200 twinjet, which carries 106 passengers in two-class big-jet comfort, is the leading new short-range, high frequency jetliner. More than 120 of the efficient twinjets have been delivered to customers worldwide. After four years of service, the 717 continues to exceed customer expectations for low-cost, reliable and quiet operation.

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