First Production Boeing 777-300ER Takes Shape

The three main sections of the newest longer-range Boeing [NYSE:BA] 777 jetliner, the 777-300ER(extended range), are shown here being connected Nov. 18 at the Boeing final assembly plant in Everett, Wash. The airplane is the first production 777-300ER, and it will be delivered in April 2004 to International Lease Finance Corp., and ILFC's customer, Air France. Shown here in the "final body join" position, the fuselage sections are loaded into a tool, then joined together to form a structurally complete airplane for the first time.

The world's most technologically advanced airplane, the Boeing 777-300ER carries 365 passengers up to 7,525 nautical miles (13,937 kilometers), and was developed at the request of customers who asked for an airplane with additional flexibility to serve the non-stop routes that passengers demand.

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Marc Birtel