Boeing Unveils 7E7 Dreamliner's Passenger-Focused Interior

Boeing [NYSE:BA] today unveiled innovative architectural and technological features of its 7E7 Dreamliner's interior that will connect passengers as never before to the flying experience.

Passengers will be welcomed onto the 7E7 by sweeping arches, dynamic lighting, larger lavatories, more spacious luggage bins, and electronic window shades whose transparency passengers can change during the flight. The Dreamliner will offer wider seats and aisles than competing models in every class.

"The passenger is foremost in our minds," said Klaus Brauer, Boeing's Airplane Interior specialist. "We want passengers to feel welcomed as soon as they board the airplane. Our 7E7 passengers will enjoy a more relaxed and spacious environment that makes their flights more comfortable."

Upon boarding, passengers will be welcomed by a larger, open entryway with sweeping arches directing their eyes upward. Above them they'll see a calming, simulated sky that enhances their perception of spaciousness.

The arches are repeated at carefully selected locations in the interior, giving passengers the sense of being in well-proportioned spaces. The "sky" effect continues over the aisles throughout the airplane. Illuminated by arrays of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) this "sky" can change in color and brightness throughout the flight, enhancing the passenger's sense of comfort.

"The 7E7 will have larger luggage bins that descend for easy loading and then pivot upward to give passengers an unobstructed view of the 7E7's spacious architecture," Brauer explained. The bins will be the biggest in the industry and have sufficient capacity for an 11 X 16 X 22-inch bag (28 X 40 X 55 cm) for each passenger at his or her seat. When such large stowage capacity is not required, it is possible to replace the center-mounted bins with the simulated sky ceiling treatment, which extends the feeling of spaciousness throughout the passenger cabin.

Even with the center bins removed, the 7E7 will provide more overhead stowage for each passenger than similar-size airplanes.

Virtually all aspects of the 7E7 Dreamliner's interior enhance passenger comfort, even the windows. The windows -- at 19 inches (48 cm) tall and 11 inches (28 cm) wide -- will be the largest on any current commercial airplane and will give all passengers a view to the horizon, connecting them to the flying experience.

"We believe the 7E7 Dreamliner interior completely redefines the passenger experience," Brauer said.

From archways to simulated skies in the ceilings to large windows, the 7E7 Dreamliner will deliver on its goal to reconnect the passenger with the flying experience.


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