Boeing Unveils AeroMexico's First New 737-700 with Blended Winglets
AeroMexico Reviews Its First 737-700 Prior to Mexico City Delivery

Boeing [NYSE:BA] and AeroMexico executives yesterday toured the airline's first Boeing 737-700 airplane now being equipped with blended winglets. The airplane will debut in Mexico City at an Oct. 22 gala.

Mexico's largest airline ordered 15 Boeing 737-700s in March. The airplane toured today is the first from that order. All 15 will carry the blended winglets, which Goodrich [NYSE:GR] installs on the airplanes at its Everett facility.

The winglets are graceful 8-foot-tall wing extensions that help reduce fuel consumption up to 3.5 percent, increase range up to 450 nautical miles, improve performance in hot, high-altitude airports such as Mexico City's, and reduce engine maintenance costs. The winglets also help AeroMexico and other operators meet stringent, low-noise regulations by increasing lift with less engine thrust.

By replacing its DC-9s with the 737-700s, AeroMexico reduces its fleet's average age to 7 years from 13.5 years. The operational efficiencies and reduced maintenance needs of the Next-Generation 737s will lower operational costs and improve profitability. The 737 has the highest reliability of any airplane in its class, which means fewer delays and greater passenger satisfaction.

The Next-Generation 737 -- a short-to-medium-range airplane -- is based on a key Boeing philosophy of delivering added value to airlines with reliability, simplicity and reduced operating and maintenance costs. It is the newest, most technologically advanced airplane in its size category. It features an all-new modern flight deck using the latest liquid-crystal display technology, new fuel-efficient engines and all-new advanced wings.

The Boeing 737 is the best selling single-aisle airplane in the world. To learn more about the 737, visit our Web site.

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