Boeing Establishes 7E7 Council; Latecoere Joins Airframe Technology Team

Progress on the Boeing [NYSE:BA] 7E7 international team continues with the formation of the 7E7 Council, comprised of senior executives from each of the 7E7 Airframe Candidate companies and the addition of Latecoere, a pioneer of France's aviation industry, to the 7E7 airframe technology team.

The 7E7 Council met for the first time in Seattle this week to ensure a coordinated approach to developing the new Boeing jetliner.

"We all have a strong interest in sharing our challenges and solutions," said Walt Gillette, vice president of Engineering, Manufacturing and Partner Alignment for the 7E7 program. "We must succeed on each part of the airplane to be successful on the entire airplane. This has to be an integrated effort."

Joining Gillette on the 7E7 Council are: Roberto Assereto, general manager of Alenia Aeronautica; Yasuhiro Toi, 7E7 program manager for Fuji Heavy Industries; Atsushi Kaneko, general manager of the Engineering division for the Aerospace Company of Kawasaki Heavy Industries; Takashi Sasaki, 7E7 program project manager of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries; and Steve Davis, vice president of Boeing Commercial Programs for Vought Aircraft Industry.

Other Boeing representatives on the team are: Jeff Turner, vice president and general manager of the Boeing Wichita facility; Mary Armstrong, vice president and general manager of the Fabrication Division for Boeing Commercial Airplanes; and Steve Schaffer, vice president of Supplier Management for the 7E7 program.

Though current membership on the team is only Airframe Candidate companies -- those in discussion with Boeing about designing and building major sections of the 7E7 -- other representatives will be added to the council, at a later date. Council meetings are set to occur every six weeks.

Latecoere, based in Toulouse, France, has been selected to participate on the 7E7 airframe technology development team.

Founded in 1917, the company specializes in design and production of fuselage structure, doors and wiring systems for commercial and military aircraft.

"We are delighted to join the 7E7 team," said Francois Junca, chairman of Latecoere. "Our unique long-term history and engineering creativity has allowed us to become a world leader in aerostructures. With this program we will continue our proud tradition of Latecoere innovation in the aviation industry."

Gillette said, "We look forward to the energy and expertise that Latecoere will bring to our team. The 7E7 is an international effort that has focused the best resources in the industry on developing a super-efficient, revenue-generating airplane for our customers that will also set new standards of passenger comfort."

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