Boeing Releases Proposed 717-300X Rendering

Boeing [NYSE: BA] today released an artist's concept of its proposed 717-300X passenger jet, which would answer airlines' demand for a larger, short-range, high-frequency airplane.

Development and launch of the 717-300X, which has been offered to several airlines, depends on it attracting a sufficient number of orders.

Boeing currently produces the 717-200, which typically has 106 seats and is the world's best jetliner in its class. The 717-300X would typically carry 130 passengers in a two-class configuration. The 717-300X would be138.3 ft. (42.2 m) long, compared to 124 ft. (37.8 m) for the -200. The -300X would have higher maximum take-off and space limited payload weights, and greater engine thrust than the -200. The -300X also would have a service door behind the wing.

If launched, delivery of the 717-300X is targeted for the second half of 2006.

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