Boeing Subsidiary and Megadata Announce Joint Marketing Agreement

Preston Aviation Solutions Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA), and Megadata (OTC: MDTA), today announced a joint marketing agreement that allows both companies to identify common business opportunities and market their respective information and decision support software solutions, specifically to airlines, airports and air traffic control authorities. Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) support is one of the key focus areas.

"The complementary nature of our companies' products can be of strategic value to our customers," said Paul Gargett, Preston's president and CEO.

By combining Preston's state-of-the-art flight tracking and airport operation solutions with Megadata's accurate aircraft position tracking system and CDM tools, the two companies will be able to deliver more realistic four-dimensional flight profile prediction and provide value-added CDM capabilities, thereby optimizing flight operations for a wide range of customers in the aviation industry.

"This relationship lets us pursue a common goal: reducing our customers' operating costs and improving operational efficiencies," said Jim Barry, Megadata's president and CEO. "The focus of our efforts is helping customers better predict and manage the costs of irregular operations by enhancing airspace utilization and improving gate and connection efficiencies through the use of advanced technologies and applications."

About Preston:

Preston develops state-of-the-art aviation management software, helping customers worldwide increase efficiency, capacity and safety through integrated simulation, decision support and scheduling solutions. Preston has developed advanced optimization and visualization technology, as well as industry expertise, to meet the needs of its customers through innovative software systems and consulting services. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, the company also maintains offices in London, Washington D.C., Atlanta and Miami. Preston is a unit of Boeing Air Traffic Management, which is developing concepts for an integrated, global air traffic system. These concepts will dramatically improve the safety, security and capacity of the current system, and reduce environmental impact while retaining affordability for all users.

About Megadata:

Megadata is a supplier of information, data services and decision support software applications addressing the needs of the aviation industry, primarily airlines and airports. Its principal business is the delivery of data and software applications in the form of subscription-based services from the 50-airport PASSUR network of flight tracking systems. Visit Megadata's web site for updated products, solutions and PASSUR news.

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