Boeing Statement Regarding 7E7 Final Assembly Site Selection

Mike Bair, senior vice president of the 7E7 program, issued the following statement today regarding proposals for 7E7 final assembly:

"Today is the deadline for proposals to be submitted. We are very pleased with the enthusiastic response we have received from states interested in being considered as the final assembly site for the 7E7.

Now the hard work for us begins. A Boeing team, in partnership with McCallum Sweeney Consulting, Inc., will evaluate these proposals against the entire set of criteria published by Boeing on May 16. Proposals must meet all the criteria in order to remain in consideration. Further dialogue with promising states will occur after our initial review.

Boeing intends to build the 7E7 in a location that gives it the best opportunity to be successful. We remain absolutely committed to ensuring a fair and rigorous process that results in the right decision for the 7E7 program. Out of respect for the process and the states that have submitted proposals, we will continue with our policy of not discussing the ongoing activities of the selection process. We consider the proposals and the discussions about them to be confidential and we ask the states to do the same. We will announce our decision by the end of the year."