Boeing Announces Collaboration with Two Major Chicago Museums

The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] announced today that it is sponsoring the first major collaboration between the Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago (MCA). On the same day, June 22, the Art Institute will open a retrospective of world-renowned German painter Gerhard Richter, while MCA will present an exhibition of contemporary German photographer Andreas Gursky. This will mark the first significant cooperative effort between the two institutions complemented by joint educational programs, discounted viewings and public events.

Both the Art Institute and the MCA began independently planning these exhibition years ago, but Boeing became an integral player in bringing the two related shows to the same city at the same time. "We know that working together works. We are proud to have served as the catalyst for this joint effort, which we believe will ultimately benefit the community and both organizations," commented Toni Bailey, vice president, community and education relations for Boeing. "We hope this is the beginning of a new relationship and that by uniting these two world-class institutions and world-class artists we can help generate greater interest in Chicago."

This will be the largest retrospective in the United States for each of these German-born artists. Both Richter, an established, highly acclaimed philosopher painter, and Gursky, an exciting, young and vibrant photographer, carry the weight of Germany's past after World War II and were affected by the division and subsequent unification of East and West Germany, though in very different ways.

"The relationship between Gursky and Richter is much like the one between the MCA and the Art Institute," remarks Robert Fitzpatrick, Pritzker Director at the MCA. "They are each extraordinary on their own but together you begin to see a more complete picture of the role of art in contemporary society. These two exhibitions tell two halves of a story, of Richter who struggled against the confines of a partitioned country, inspiring and leading the next generation of artists; and Gursky, who represents that generation. Both artists embody what can happen when you are freed to embrace the future."

James N. Wood, Director and President of the Art Institute concurs, "The partnership between Boeing, the Art Institute, and the MCA will play a pivotal role in the success of these shows to educate the public about contemporary art."

The Boeing Company is committed to innovative and collaborative partnerships in the arts, education, health and human services, and the environment. Boeing's initiative with the Art Institute and the MCA supports the company's overall commitment to organizations where Boeing employees live and work.

The Boeing Company is the world's leading aerospace company, with its heritage mirroring the history of flight. It is the largest manufacturer of satellites, commercial jetliners, and military aircraft. The company is also a global market leader in missile defense, human space flight, and launch services. In terms of sales, Boeing is the largest U.S. exporter. Total company revenues for 2001 were $58 billion.



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