Update: Boeing Participation in Paris Air Show 2003

The Boeing Company today issued updates to its schedule of press activities at the 2003 Paris Air Show. Please note the following changes:

  • Jim Albaugh, president and chief executive officer, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, will conduct a media briefing on Monday, June 16, at 11 a.m. in the main auditorium of the Salon's Media Center.
  • The Boeing 777-300ER and the Boeing Business Jet will arrive at LeBourget at 9 a.m. on Friday, June 13.
  • The UK Tanker Team solution briefing will be presented by Keith Archer-Jones, managing director of Tanker Transport Services Company (TTSC) a consortium of Boeing, BAE SYSTEMS, Serco Group and Spectrum Capital.
  • Updated contact information for Boeing media relations is provided at the end of this news release.

The original news release, including these updates, follows:

The Boeing Company today released its press-briefing schedule for the biennial Paris Air Show. This year's event will be held June 14-22. Members of the accredited media are invited to visit the Boeing Press Chalet (B171) located adjacent to the main Boeing Chalet.

The leaders of four Boeing business units will be in attendance and will address the media during the show.

Alan Mulally, president and chief executive officer, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, will address the media on Sunday, June 15, at 1:00 p.m. in the main auditorium of the Salon's Media Center. Jim Albaugh, president and chief executive officer, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, will conduct a media briefing on Monday, June 16, at 11:00 a.m. in the main auditorium of the Salon's Media Center.

John Hayhurst, president, Air Traffic Management, will brief the media on Monday, June 16, at 9 a.m. at the Boeing Press Chalet. Scott Carson, president, Connexion by Boeing, will participate in a number of press briefings throughout the show, including an update on the pioneering work between Lufthansa and Boeing that has resulted in an agreement where the Connexion by Boeing service will be installed on the Lufthansa long-haul fleet. The Lufthansa-Connexion by Boeing media briefing will be on Monday, June 16, at 10 a.m. at the Boeing Press Chalet.

In addition, Boeing will announce the winning name that will accompany the new 7E7 airplane at the "Name Your Plane" celebration on Sunday, June 15, at 2:30 p.m. at the Boeing Exhibit, which is located separately in the static display area (No. 71). The voting and sweepstakes were part of several online and offline initiatives by Boeing and AOL Time Warner to engage consumers in the development of the new plane.

The new 777-300ER, as well as the Boeing Business Jet, will be on static display. In addition, the F-15E Eagle, AH-64A Apache, the Joint Direct Attack Munition, Harpoon and SLAM-ER weapon systems are scheduled to appear in the U.S. Department of Defense static display area.

The Boeing Exhibit will feature the 7E7, 767 Tanker Transport, Commercial Aviation Services, a salute to the 100th anniversary of powered flight, and numerous interactive displays representing the many product lines and customer solutions of The Boeing Company. It also will showcase Boeing's concepts for network-centric operations, as well as the next-generation, satellite-based air traffic management system.

Boeing has scheduled numerous briefings throughout the week in the Boeing Press Chalet, except where otherwise noted. Media are advised to check the briefing schedule daily at the Boeing Press Chalet, Boeing Exhibit and the Main Press Center for breaking news announcements and changes to the following preliminary daily schedule (all times local):

Friday, June 13
9000   Boeing Jets Make Grand Entrance at 2003 Paris Air Show: Media are invited to capture the Boeing 777-300ER, the newest member of the world's most preferred airliner family, and the Boeing Business Jet, based on the best-selling 737 airplane family, on landing at Le Bourget. Photographers are encouraged to contact the Salon's press office prior to June 13 to arrange for the needed credentials. Media are advised to remain in position to film and photograph both landings; pilots and crews will be available for interviews during the show.
Sunday, June 15

Boeing Commercial Airplanes Outlook: Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Alan Mulally discusses the current market environment and Boeing's customer-focused strategy for continued leadership in commercial aviation.

Note: Briefing in the main auditorium of the Salon's Media Center

Presenter: Alan Mulally, president and CEO, Boeing Commercial Airplanes


Boeing 7E7 "Name Your Plane" Celebration: Boeing will announce the winning name that will accompany the Boeing 7E7 at an event in the Boeing Exhibit. People from around the world had the opportunity to select from four possibilities for the name of the new plane: Dreamliner, eLiner, Global Cruiser and Stratoclimber.

Note: Event in the Boeing Exhibit

Host: Rob Pollack, vice president, Brand and Market Positioning

Monday, June 16

Transforming Air Traffic Management with Network-Enabled Solutions: Boeing is using its expertise in network-enabled operations to significantly enhance the security, safety, capacity and efficiency of the global air traffic system.

Presenter: John Hayhurst, president, Air Traffic Management


Connexion by Boeing and Lufthansa: Partners in In-flight Broadband Communications: Connexion by Boeing President Scott Carson and Dr. Burkard Wigger from Lufthansa will provide an overview of the recently announced agreement to outfit the airlines long-haul fleet with the innovative broadband communication service.

Presenters: Scott Carson, president, Connexion by Boeing, and Dr. Burkard Wigger, general manager, Project Lufthansa FlyNet


The Business of Integrated Defense Systems -- Providing Integrated Solutions: Recent key program wins have made Boeing a leader in the U.S. military's transformation. Boeing Integrated Defense Systems President and CEO Jim Albaugh talks about IDS' projected revenues of more than $26 billion in 2003, and how by aligning with its customers and bringing together the premier military platform builder and a world leader in systems solutions, IDS is well positioned for expanded growth and continued unparalleled support for the warfighter.

Note: Briefing in the main auditorium of the Salon's Media Center

Presenter: Jim Albaugh, president and CEO, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems


Commercial Airplanes Market Outlook and Strategy: Randy Baseler, vice president of Marketing, will present the 2003 Current Market Outlook. He also will discuss Boeing's commitment to commercial aviation and its impact on world economic growth.

Presenter: Randy Baseler, vice president, Marketing


"A New Airplane for a New World" Update on Boeing 7E7: Mike Bair, senior vice president, 7E7 Program, will reinforce why the 7E7 is the right solution for the market and explain how it will provide value to the industry through new innovative approaches. Along with covering the major milestones on the program, Bair also will highlight progress on the airplane relating to such areas as supplier involvement, wind tunnel testing and environmental data.

Presenter: Mike Bair, senior vice president, 7E7 Program

Tuesday, June 17

Boeing Naval Systems: It has been almost one year since Boeing formed a Naval Systems business as one of several customer-facing enterprises. Boeing will review its effort to help the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps reach their goals to transform, as well as provide updates on the status of our efforts to connect platforms and systems.

Presenter: John Lockard, senior vice president, Boeing Naval Systems


E-enabled Advantage: Boeing presents E-enabling -- the use of advanced communications, information systems and knowledge application to connect flight crews, cabin crews, maintenance and airline operations personnel together into a seamless, collaborative network focused on delivering an unprecedented level of operational efficiency and passenger satisfaction.

Presenters: Scott Carson, president, Connexion by Boeing, and Mike Cave, senior vice president, Commercial Aviation Services


Network-Centric Operations Key to the Battlefield: Boeing is inventing the future with network-centric operations that will dramatically change the way future battles are fought. In an on-site demonstration, see how the Integrated Battlespace will provide instantaneous battle management command and control, unprecedented situational awareness, and most importantly - time to win decisively.

Note: Briefing and demo in the Boeing Exhibit

Presenter: Tip Slater, director, Business Development Strategic Architecture


Tracking Terrorist Threats Around the Globe: Stopping terrorism, while ensuring the efficient movement of people and commerce to support our global economic prosperity, is an enormous challenge. This presentation will address how Boeing is integrating numerous highly advanced technologies to create a highly sophisticated and multi-layered system to analyze intelligence, enhance situational awareness, detect and prevent terrorist threats, protect critical infrastructure and coordinate a response in the event of an emergency.

Presenter: Rick Stephens, vice president and general manager, Homeland Security and Services


The Future of Mobility: Mobility is the flexibility to rapidly and efficiently deploy resources to support humanitarian, peacekeeping and military operations. Boeing will discuss the current world environment – political, military and economic – that drives future mobility needs. In addition, Boeing will demonstrate its diverse products that have versatile capabilities for unpredictable mobility needs.

Presenter: Howard Chambers, vice president and general manager, Airlift and Tanker Programs


TTSC - The UK Tanker Team Solution: Tanker Transport Services Company, a consortium of Boeing, BAE SYSTEMS, Serco Group and Spectrum Capital, is providing a proven, low-risk solution to the UK Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft program. Based on the proven Boeing 767, TTSC brings the best of industry to this innovative tanker service.

Presenter: Keith Archer-Jones, managing director, TTSC

Wednesday, June 18

777-300ER Flight-test Update: Two Boeing 777-300ERs are being flight-tested. Frank Santoni, the 777's chief test pilot, will present a first-hand look at the type of testing under way, and the results that are being achieved. Even before going into revenue service, Boeing's biggest 777 is establishing new world records. And with its stylish red, white and blue livery it's attracting a lot of attention. No wonder it's the No. 1 choice of both airlines and passengers.

Presenters: Frank Santoni, 777 chief test pilot, and Randy Tinseth, director, Products and Services Marketing


Future Combat Systems: Boeing is poised to take network-centric operations from concept to reality through its leadership role on this key program, which will transform the way the Army fights. This networked "system of systems" is designed to leverage advanced communications systems and other technologies, providing the solider with unprecedented situational awareness on the battlefield.

Presenter: Roger Krone, senior vice president, Army Systems



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