Boeing Briefs State Officials on 7E7 Criteria

Boeing [NYSE: BA] today briefed Washington state Gov. Gary Locke and other state officials, including Federal elected officials, on the criteria it will consider in choosing the location for the final assembly of its proposed 7E7 passenger jet. The company had committed to share the criteria with state officials before initiating the site selection process.

Boeing has retained the well-respected firm of McCallum Sweeney Consulting, Inc., to help conduct the site selection.

"We are in search of the site that will allow us to meet our needs most successfully and deliver to the world a safe and efficient airplane," said Mike Bair, Boeing Commercial Airplanes senior vice president of the 7E7 program.

The selection criteria are available on the Web. Interested state economic development organizations should contact Ed McCallum, senior principal at McCallum Sweeney, at 864-672-1600 or by fax at 864-672-1610, for a formal request for proposal. Proposals are due by June 20.

Boeing also said today that only U.S. locations will be considered for the final assembly site. The final assembly location will be announced by the end of the year.

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