Boeing Australia Simulates Launch of New Weapon for F-111

Boeing Australia Limited officials said today they had achieved a significant milestone toward integration of the AGM-142E Stand Off Weapon with the Royal Australian Air Force fleet of F/RF-111C aircraft.

Employees at the Boeing Aerospace Support Centre at Amberley had successfully simulated the launch and operation of the weapon using aircraft hardware and software in the Systems Engineering Laboratory, said Mr. Colin Giles, General Manager -- Aerospace Support for Boeing Australia.

The new weapon will add to the F-111's strategic strike capability while significantly reducing its susceptibility to attack, and will ensure that the F-111 maintains its status as a potent strike aircraft in the Asia Pacific region.

"By reaching this important milestone in the AGM-142 program, the BASC -- Amberley has demonstrated its systems integration capability and consolidated its position as the region's leading military aerospace support facility," Giles said.

"Furthermore, I believe this shows a true commitment by Boeing Australia to develop solutions to help our customers improve their capability. For example, the software that enables communication between the new weapon and existing F-111 systems is being developed by the BASC specifically to meet the RAAF requirement."

In preparation for the AGM-142 flight-test program, Boeing is modifying a prototype aircraft incorporating software and hardware used in the simulated launch phase.

Boeing Australia employs nearly 500 people at the BASC -- Amberley and is responsible for the F-111 Weapon System Business Unit contract, to provide aircraft and wing deeper maintenance, engineering, data, workshops, and other through-life support activities for the RAAF's fleet of F/RF-111C aircraft.

Other BASC projects include RAAF B707 Tanker/Airlift Deeper Maintenance, maintenance and upgrade of the F-111 mission computer software, F-111 Block Upgrade Programs, and the design and development of software and hardware to integrate new weapons and systems on the aircraft.

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