Boeing Subsidiaries Team to Satisfy U.K. Royal Air Force Contract

Three subsidiaries of The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] and the United Kingdom's Royal Air Force (RAF) have agreed to a contract for a package of software solutions, creating the first synergy sale from these companies.

Jeppesen, SBS International and Preston Aviation Solutions combined their industry-leading scheduling and analysis tools to create a single tailored solution for the RAF, helping it to operate at the highest level of efficiency.

The package includes OPSControl from Jeppesen, a dynamic grouping of Unix-based management tools to automate and streamline flight operations management. Through OPSControl modules FliteManager, FliteWatch, WXTool and EasyBrief, RAF flight operations personnel can more effectively distribute and balance flight planning and other routine duties, allowing them to spend more time briefing crews and monitoring flights.

From Preston Aviation Solutions comes the Airport Activity and Weather Display System (AADS). AADS will provide the RAF with look-ahead capability, enabling it to import flight plans directly from OPSControl, and then run a variety of simulations based on possible changes in weather and air traffic, allowing for quick and efficient decision-making.

SBS International will contribute its eMaestro, MaestroCrew and MaestroLines crew-scheduling solutions to the package. MaestroCrew and MaestroLines are key elements of SBS' Maestro Suite. Maestro Suite will offer the RAF real-time rostering and tracking of its crewmembers and allow planning and scheduling of ad-hoc global missions within minutes. eMaestro will give RAF crewmembers the capability to manage their schedules using Web-based technologies.

"This team sale is an exciting step in the growth of The Boeing Company's leadership in software solutions for the air transport industry," said Ray Marzullo, vice president of Flight Services. "The ability to create complementary packages such as these for individual customers is a major reason Boeing acquired these industry-leading companies in the past three years."

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