U.S. Army Accepts First Advanced Technology Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow

Boeing [NYSE: BA] today delivered the first upgraded AH-64D Apache Longbow to the U.S. Army in a ceremony at the company's facility in Mesa, Ariz.

"This helicopter is the first Block II production Apache Longbow. Block II incorporates the latest in advanced avionics, digital enhancements, and communications upgrades that facilitate improved situational awareness as the helicopter communicates within the Tactical Internet," said Tommy Filler, Boeing program manager.

"It is successes like this and the integration of new technologies that keep the Apache an important asset in today's Army, and that has led leadership to select the AH-64D Apache Longbow as an integral component within the Objective Force," said Col. Ralph Pallotta, Apache project manager. "Congratulations to the Boeing team for staying on schedule and within cost. Your team continues to achieve this on a very large scale."

Boeing has delivered more than 1,000 Apaches to customers around the world and plans to deliver 1,000 more to customers worldwide through the end of the decade.

Apache Longbow fulfills a wide range of reconnaissance and combat missions, most without the need to reconfigure ordnance loads and electronic systems between missions.

The advanced, multi-mission AH-64D Apache Longbow features fully integrated avionics and weapons, plus state-of-the-art digital communications capabilities that enable real-time, secure transfer of battlefield information to air and ground forces. The Apache Longbow incorporates a series of enhancements that make it more survivable in combat, readily deployable and easier to maintain.

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