Boeing 777-300ER First Flight to be Broadcast on the Internet

Boeing [NYSE:BA] will broadcast worldwide the Feb. 24, 2003 first flight of its newest jetliner, the 777-300ER (Extended Range).

The broadcast will be available for viewing on the Internet beginning at 3 p.m. Pacific Feb. 24 at the 777-300ER site. Inability to immediately view the event may occur due to heavy traffic on the site.

Video of the first flight will be available to the media on Feb. 24 from 4 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Pacific on the following satellite frequencies.

AMC-2/C11 C-band Vertical Downlink Frequency 3920 MHz Analog, Audio: 6.2/6.8 MHz, located at 85 degrees W.
Europe Atlantic Bird 1/B1/Ch.2 KU Band MCPC Horizontal Downlink Frequency 11014.17 MHz, FEC 3/4, Symbol rate: 20.15 Msym/sec, Virtual Ch.2, Video format: PAL
Europe & Middle East Eutelsat W1 B5 Ch A KU Band Horizontal Downlink Frequency 11134.75 MHz, FEC: 3/4, Symbol rate: 5.7 Msym/sec, Video format: PAL
Asia Pacific PAS-2/04C/Slot "E" C-band SCPC Horizontal Downlink Frequency 3803.5 MHz, FEC: 2/3, Symbol rate: 6.62 Ms/s, Virtual Channel 101, Network ID: 1, Video format: NTSC
Australia & Asia AsiaSat 2/8A ASB1 C-band Y downlink frequency 3944.50 MHz, FEC: 3/4, Symbol rate: 5.7 Msym/sec, format: PAL
Africa PAS-10/16C Slot "C" C-band SCPC Vertical Downlink Frequency 3913.50 MHz, FEC: 3/4, Symbol rate: 5.7 Msym/sec, Video format: PAL
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