Cargolux to Add Capacity with New Boeing 747-400 Freighter

The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] and Cargolux Airlines International announced today that they have completed an order for one new Boeing 747-400 Freighter to help accommodate increased freight traffic in several international markets.

The new cargo airplane, which will join 12 other 747-400 Freighters in the fleet of the Luxembourg-based freight carrier, is scheduled for delivery in the second quarter of 2004. The new airplane will be powered by Rolls-Royce RB211 engines.

Cargolux is a reputable air cargo transportation company that operates a fleet of 747-400 Freighters and works in combination with trucking services to move valuable and time-sensitive commodities to more than 90 destinations around the world.

"Cargolux ordered this 747-400 Freighter due to outstanding growth in key markets for the past several years," said Ulrich Ogierman, president and chief executive officer of Cargolux. "We have been able to expand our overall air cargo market in difficult times. Cargolux derives its strength through a market-responsive network, a service-oriented culture, and its standardized fleet of nose-door equipped 747-400 Freighters."

Cargolux, founded in 1970, is one of the top 10 world air cargo carriers in terms of traffic carried. The airline ordered its first Boeing airplane, a 747-200 Freighter, in 1977 and its first new 747-400 Freighter in 1990.

"Our 747-400 Freighter has the lowest tonne kilometer cost of any freighter that is now in service or in development," said Marlin Dailey, vice president of European Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "It is the major factor in the profitability of the world's top cargo carriers."

Flexibility in loading is a key feature of the 747-400 Freighter. With a large side cargo door and its unique nose door, the airplane can be loaded quickly and easily, whether the cargo is made up of standard containers and pallets or nonstandard, outsized objects.

The 747-400 Freighter family members are the most efficient cargo airplanes in operation now or planned for operation in the future. Their cross section, featuring nearly vertical sidewalls, maximizes volume and accommodates industry standard 10-foot (3-meter) high containers, allowing for smooth transition for land or water transport.

The 747 was designed from the beginning as a freighter and is the global standard for air cargo, comprising nearly half of the world's freighter capacity. The growth of the 747 freighter fleet has helped the air cargo business develop into a $46 billion per year industry. Other large freighters may be added to the world fleet, but the 747 freighter will remain the flagship of the industry for decades to come.

The 747-400 Freighter, when equipped with Rolls-Royce engines, is capable of carrying up to 135 tons (123 metric tonnes) of payload and has a range of 4,345 nautical miles (8,050 kilometers). The maximum takeoff weight of the 747-400 Freighter is up to 875,000 pounds (396,900 kilograms).

Cargolux 747-400 Freighters' gross payload is specified at 142 tons (129 metric tones), including tare weight.

Boeing is the world leader in freighter airplanes. The Boeing freighter fleet provides more than 90 percent of the world freighter capacity.

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