Boeing Receives $60.3 Million Contract for SLAM-ER Production

The U.S. Navy has awarded Boeing [NYSE:BA] a $60.3 million contract for additional production of 120 Standoff Land Attack Missiles -- Expanded Response (SLAM-ER).

"We are very pleased to support the U.S. Navy with the SLAM-ER system," said Jim O'Neill, general manager of Boeing Naval Weapons. "SLAM-ER is the most versatile and accurate weapon system in the U.S. Navy's inventory."

SLAM-ER is the U.S. Navy's choice for strikes against high-value land targets, ships in port and at sea. The U.S. Navy has utilized SLAM-ER in combat during several recent military operations. The missile has planar wings for long range and aerodynamic performance, a highly effective warhead for penetration and lethality against hardened targets, and automatic target acquisition that makes it easier for the weapon system operator to designate and track the target aimpoint. The U.S. Navy has now ordered almost 500 SLAM-ER's from Boeing.

"SLAM-ER's capability to attack both autonomously as well as using man-in-the-loop control gives the warfighter tremendous flexibility in planning and executing strike missions," said Capt. Carl Reiber, U.S. Navy program manager for Standoff Missile Systems. "It provides the capability of both deep strike and precision attack."

Boeing produces SLAM-ER at its facility in St. Charles, Mo., by modifying existing, older SLAM missiles from the U.S. Navy's inventory. Approximately 700 SLAM missiles will be converted to SLAM-ER.

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