Painting the New 777-300ER: Where Boeing Has Never Gone Before

The Boeing 777-300ER (extended range) airplane that was unveiled today incorporates for the first time red, white and blue lines of the Boeing livery on the underside of a new airplane.

The sweeping array of colors start at the front underbelly, swing upward around the wings and finish with each color meeting under the tail.

Boeing graphic designer Jim Cameron said extending the paint scheme under the fuselage is a result of wanting to present something that distinguishes the 777-300ER over any other airplane.

"We wanted something that people could see from the ground and that held the airplane out there as new and exciting -- because it is," Cameron said. "There has never been an airplane like this, that does what this airplane can do, and that was our inspiration."

A map of the world also is displayed on both sides of the forward section showing major city pairs that are reachable with the 777-300ER. Marketing Director Debra Santos said the paint scheme captures the mystique of the 777 airplanes -- including the fact that the new 777-300ER joins a family of wide-bodies that remain the fastest selling in the world.

"The 777-300ER continues to build on the capabilities of the 777 family, which gave way to the sweeping lines and point-to-point city pairs," Santos said. "We felt that the paint scheme should reflect the advantages of the airplane, like speed and the wonder of flight. And let's face it, the 777-300ER is unique. It blows away the competition."

With a range of up to 7,250 nautical miles (13,427 kilometers) the 777-300ER can be used on city pairs including Paris-Los Angeles, Frankfurt-Singapore and New York-Tokyo.

Marketing Manager Gary Wicks said the dramatic paint scheme also helps reflect the airplane's capabilities in terms of technology, comfort, reliability and elegance.

"The scheme definitely gets across the idea that the 777-300ER is expanding the boundaries of passenger travel," he said.

Boeing for years has put its own livery on airplanes, whether launching a new model or a new derivative, such as the 777-300ER. Sometimes, however, Boeing's traditionally straight horizontal lines on the side of the fuselage have taken a strikingly different turn. Other recent creative concepts have been used on the 737 "Building on Success" and 767-400ER "Leading the Way" airplanes.

Teague, a design firm that has worked on every Boeing model for the past 50 years, developed the final characteristics for the paint design on all of these airplanes, helping to ensure that they pass Boeing's trademark and branding requirements.

The 777-300ER with its distinctive paint scheme is scheduled for first flight early next year.


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