Boeing Leads Aerospace Industry in Innovative Technologies

The Boeing Company combines a strong focus on building the highest quality airplanes with the development and application of new and innovative technologies that continuously improve safety, passenger comfort, operational efficiency and environmental responsibility.

These attributes provide the basis for development of new Boeing airplanes and enhancement of the company's existing line of commercial jetliners.

"We apply innovative new technologies to our airplanes and services based on the needs of the marketplace," said Randy Tinseth, director, Product and Services Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "These investments mean more value for our customers, which is why we lead the industry with exciting new airplane developments in every size category."

During a press briefing at Airshow China 2002, The Fourth International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, Tinseth outlined the development of customer-focused technological innovations, including those developed for the Sonic Cruiser, and how Boeing applies them to current and potential future models being studied.

"The industry has experienced the introduction of a new commercial jet transport only 24 times," Tinseth said. "Ten of those new airplane were developed by Boeing, and we know well that introducing the right product is magic. However, we've also seen a number of companies that weren't so fortunate. Because we listen to our customers, Boeing knows how to make the magic happen."

Today, Boeing offers a complete line of world class, efficient airplanes ranging from 100 to well over 400 seats, and the company's legacy is that airplanes like the 707, 747 and 777 have brought dramatic improvements to air travel.

The central focus of Boeing product development efforts is to study new technologies that can be applied to the full line of Boeing jetliners, as well as the Sonic Cruiser and other wholly new ideas in work.

The keys to the development of the Sonic Cruiser are the same as the initiatives that are being pursued across the board: airplane efficiency, economics, passenger comfort, reduced emissions and quiet operations.

Boeing airplanes are respected around the world for incorporating the best designs, offering the lowest operating costs, highest reliability and world-class support. Boeing is committed to designing and building safe, efficient and affordable airplanes with excellent environmental performance.

"Our investments in the future must not be limited to just new airplanes, we also must continue the development of our current product line, incorporating appropriate new technology and more capability," said Tinseth. "This means more value for our customers -- to lead the industry with exciting new airplane developments in every size category."

The work that Boeing has conducted, including the examination of wing platforms, nacelle shapes, fuselage designs and studies of advanced materials properties, will provide incremental benefits as they are incorporated into the new airplane variants.

In addition, by enabling the airplane with state-of-the-art electronic communications technology, airplane systems can be linked to new and existing global transport systems, in addition to providing passengers the latest developments in mobile connectivity.

This creates the opportunity to provide the right information at the right time to the right user and contributes to Boeing's goal of connecting the people of the world.

In his update on the progress of the Sonic Cruiser studies currently under way, Tinseth said that Boeing has been making excellent progress on a number of fronts.

"With the Sonic Cruiser, Boeing continues the tradition of leading the way -- using innovative technology to advance the future of flight with revolutionary new products," Tinseth summed up. "No one knows where this journey will take us, but we firmly believe passengers want to fly directly to their destinations and they want to fly faster."

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