Hainan Airlines First Boeing 767-300ER Takes Flight

Hainan Airlines takes a major step into the regional air transportation market with its first Boeing 767-300ER jetliner. The first of three such deliveries scheduled for 2002, the new airplane will connect Beijing to Haikou, Shanghai and Urumqi, and allow the airline to investigate service to markets such as Macau, Korea and Japan.

The Boeing 767-300ER makes use of new-generation technology to provide maximum efficiency, while extending twin-aisle passenger cabin convenience to routes not typically served by wide-body airliners. Lower-deck volume available for cargo totals 4,030 cubic feet (114.2 cubic meters), more than any commercial transport in its class. The 767's design provides excellent fuel efficiency, operational flexibility, low noise levels and modern airplane systems, including an advanced all-digital flight deck.

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