Meeting the Stowage Needs of Today's Traveler, Boeing Delivers First 737 with BigBins

Addressing the needs of today's airline passenger, Boeing has delivered the first 737 with larger overhead stowage compartments called BigBinsTM.

WestJet employees Dixie Dayka, left, and Hal Davidson demonstrate the ample size of the bigger bins, which increase stowage capacity by more than 60 percent. WestJet is the first 737 customer to have BigBins installed during production. The bins also are available as a retrofit for 737 and 757 models.

With BigBins, a 737-700 can hold up to 31 more carry-on bags than the standard stowage bins. Each 80-inch bin can accommodate five 25-inch roll-aboard bags front-to-back.

In August, Boeing delivered the first airplane -- a 757 -- with the BigBins.

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