Newest Boeing Longer-Range 777 Jet Takes Shape

The three main sections of the newest longer-range 777 jetliner, the 777-300ER, are shown here being connected at the Boeing final assembly plant in Everett, Wash. The forward section of the airplane, which is manufactured by Boeing employees in Wichita, Kan., were loaded into a tool Oct. 4 and then joined with two other large body sections. Those sections are manufactured in Japan by a consortium of manufacturers including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Fuji Heavy Industries, ShinMaywa and NIPPI. Also installed in this manufacturing position -- called final body join -- are the airplane's vertical stabilizer that is manufactured by Boeing workers in Washington state and the main landing gear that is manufactured by Goodrich Corp. in Ohio, Tennessee, Ontario and Washington. Assembly of the first 777-300ER began June 20. The first 777-300ER will be unveiled in a rollout ceremony next month.

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Debbie Heathers