Japan Airlines Selects Boeing for 747 Fleet Avionics Upgrade

Japan Airlines (JAL) has selected Technical Services and Modifications, a Boeing Commercial Aviation Services business unit, to modernize their fleet of 747-200/-300 in-service airplanes.

The upgrades will allow continued operations in European- and Pacific-region airspace, including the Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS-1) environment. The upgrades also will enable the JAL 747-200/-300 airplanes to operate in the same preferred airspace as the newest airplanes in the fleet.

The certification for the JAL upgrades will be complete May 2003. The project includes installation and flight test of the first JAL airplanes.

"Programs like this are a great opportunity for Boeing to bring real value to an important airline customer such as JAL," said Mike Marino, vice president of Technical Services and Modifications. "Boeing brings vast experience in developing and certifying new flight deck features, managing logistically complex programs with many suppliers, and supporting the customer through local regulatory approvals."

JAL is preparing for upcoming Required Navigation Performance (RNP) initiatives in Europe and emerging terminal-area operational changes. Operational benefits of the upgrades include access to more efficient RNP approaches and reduced landing weather minimums, as well as support for efficient airspace utilization and terminal area operations via reduced aircraft spacing.

Technical Services and Modifications provides comprehensive engineering and technical support to airlines worldwide. Services include 24-hour customer support, aircraft interiors and in-flight entertainment system modifications, avionics upgrades and freighter conversions for Boeing and Douglas jetliners.

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