Boeing Winnipeg Named to the Sonic Cruiser Technology Development Team

Boeing Canada Technology -- Winnipeg, a subsidiary of The Boeing Company, is joining the Boeing Sonic Cruiser technology development team. The team is working to develop the advanced materials solutions that will make the Sonic Cruiser a success.

"The Boeing Winnipeg organization has a long history of composites manufacturing and brings tremendous knowledge and experience in composites materials," said Jeff Luckey, director of Supplier Management for the Sonic Cruiser program. "We are anxious to have the Boeing Winnipeg expertise in assisting the Sonic Cruiser program develop new technology."

The Sonic Cruiser is a new airplane concept unveiled by Boeing in March 2001. The airplane has a dramatic new configuration and is designed to fly as fast as Mach 0.98, shortening travel times with fuel consumption per passenger comparable to today's best performing widebody twinjets.

"We're very excited that the skills and expertise of the Winnipeg employees have been recognized and will be used to help make this exciting airplane become a reality," said Mark Ross, general manager of the Winnipeg operation.

Boeing Canada Technology -- Winnipeg is part of the Boeing Commercial Airplanes Fabrication Division and one of the three composite manufacturing facilities that make up the Structural Composites Product Center within the division. Winnipeg manufactures composites structures for 737, 747, 757, 767, and 777 aircraft. Major products include wing-to-body fairings, engine strut fairings, and thrust reverser blocker doors.

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