Southwest Airlines Implements New Boeing Maintenance Software

Boeing [NYSE: BA] Commercial Aviation Services announced today that launch customer Southwest Airlines has implemented its first module of a Boeing state-of-the-art software application for planning, scheduling and tracking the full range of fleet maintenance activities.

Developed by Boeing subsidiary AeroInfo Systems, the MainStreamTM long-term forecasting module, called FRC, allows an airline to look far into the operational future of its fleet to more accurately predict the need for facilities, labor, material and maintenance downtime. It also delivers immediate business value to an airline by allowing the airline to run multiple forecasting and scheduling scenarios for its fleet to determine the one that best meets its operational needs.

"Having this application will provide the necessary tools for us to quickly adapt to a dynamic industry," said Jim Sokol, Southwest Airlines vice president of Maintenance and Engineering.

A team of Southwest and AeroInfo employees worked together to integrate the application with other Southwest maintenance systems.

"The integration went very smoothly, and we are very pleased with the support from AeroInfo in getting this project done in a timely and cost-efficient manner," said Jeffery Hillis, director of Maintenance and Business Intelligence Solutions at Southwest Airlines.

FRC is one of a suite of MainStreamTM modules being implemented by Boeing at Southwest Airlines.

"Southwest always has been an innovator," said Lou Mancini, vice president of Boeing Maintenance Services. "With the successful implementation of this enterprise-level software, Southwest once again has shown itself to be a leader in the industry."

MainStreamTM is part of Boeing Enterprise OneTM, a comprehensive maintenance management software system for airlines. Other information technology offerings from Boeing Commercial Aviation Services include the Portable Maintenance AidTM, an advanced software to aid mechanics in troubleshooting airplanes, and, a convenient Web site providing up-to-date technical information.

Southwest Airlines [NYSE:LUV], the fourth-largest domestic carrier in terms of customers boarded, currently serves 59 airports in 58 cities throughout 30 states. Based in Dallas, Southwest operates nearly 2,800 flights a day with a fleet of 368 Boeing 737s.

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