All Nippon Airways Receives First Boeing 767 Freighter

All Nippon Airways (ANA), one of Japan's largest airlines, today accepted its first Boeing 767-300 Freighter at a festive delivery ceremony accented by Japanese Taiko drummers playing on the new airplane's main deck.

For the ceremony, the freighter was parked nose-to-nose with a new ANA 767-300ER (extended range) passenger plane, which is the next airplane scheduled for delivery to the airline.

The new 767 Freighter is the first all-cargo airplane in the ANA fleet and will enable the carrier to increase its focus on the Asian air freight market, the fastest-growing the world. It is powered by twin GE Aircraft Engines' CF6-80C2 engines. The CF6-80C2 has logged more than 75 million flight hours in service.

"We have always had great confidence in Boeing airplanes," said Yoshiyuki Nakamachi, senior executive vice president -- All Nippon Airways. "We are certain that this new 767 Freighter is the beginning of another success as we take this strategic step into the air cargo market."

The 767 Freighter has a capacity of more than 16,000 cubic feet (450 cubic meters) of cargo volume, and the ability to carry approximately 60.5 tons (54.88 metric tons) of revenue payload more than 3,270 nautical miles (6,056 kilometers). The 767 Freighter features a large cargo door on the main deck of the forward fuselage and a single crew-entry door.

"This new freighter is a symbol of our great relationship with All Nippon Airways," said Larry Dickenson, senior vice president, Sales -- Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "ANA helped launch both the 777 and 767 families, and we are confident that their first 767 Freighter will expand this important partnership toward new horizons."

Zone temperature controls onboard the 767-300 Freighter allow ANA to transport a wide array of cargo on each flight. For instance, perishables can be transported at cold temperatures in one part of the airplane while livestock such as racehorses can be transported at warmer temperatures in another section. The 767's automated cargo loading system, which involves a moveable floor similar to a conveyor belt, enables ANA to load and unload cargo quickly and easily.

The 767-300 Freighter is based on the popular 767-300ER passenger twinjet and benefits from the 767's established schedule reliability, performance and operational advantages. Schedule reliability -- an industry measure of departure from the gate within 15 minutes of scheduled time -- is nearly 99 percent for the 767.

All Nippon Airways is a component of the ANA Group, which currently operates a total of 137 Boeing jetliners, including 34 747s, 21 777s, 55 767s and 27 737s.

The ANA 767 fleet is the largest in Asia, which increases to 56 airplanes with the new freighter, and includes eight 767-200s, 34 767-300s and 13 767-300ERs. The carrier has operated 767 models since its first 767-200 delivery in April 1983. This is the 74th 767 to be delivered to ANA. The ANA Group also includes Air Nippon and Nippon Cargo Airlines.

The 767's design provides excellent fuel efficiency, operational flexibility, low noise levels and modern airplane systems, including an advanced all-digital flight deck. Carriers throughout the world have ordered a total of 934 767s of all models.

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