All Nippon Airways' First Boeing 767 Freighter Takes Off

The first Boeing 767-300 Freighter to enter the fleet of All Nippon Airways takes off for a test flight from Paine Field in Everett, Wash. With a capacity of 60.5 tons (54.88 metric tons) of revenue payload and a range of more than 3,270 nautical miles (6,056 kilometers), this airplane is an ideal freighter to meet medium-size requirements.

Up to 24 pallets, each measuring 88 by 125 inches (235.5 by 317.5 centimeters) at the base, can be accommodated on the main deck. Total main-deck container volume is 11,884 cubic feet (336.5 cubic meters), and the two lower holds of the airplane provide 4,150 cubic feet (117.5 cubic meters) for seven pallets, two containers and bulk loading.

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