First BigBins in Production on Boeing 757-300
More storage space and easier access for passengers

Boeing BigBins, which offer more overhead storage space for airline passengers, went into production this week on a 757-300. The new innovative BigBins increase the effective stowage capacity by more than 60 percent, eliminating one of the greatest frustrations for passengers and flight attendants -- the competition for free space in an overhead stowage bin. BigBins allow 58 more roll-aboard bags on a typical 757-300. Previously, stowage bins could accommodate a 10-x-15-x-25-inch roll-aboard bag loaded only in the forward-to-aft (airplane nose-to-tail) direction. The new deeper bins enable roll-aboard bags to be stowed in an inboard-to-outboard (wing-to-wing) direction, thereby increasing capacity from three to five roll-aboard bags per bin. BigBins also are offered for retrofit on all in-service and production 737 and 757 airplanes. The first in-production BigBins interior on the 757-300 is destined for Northwest Airlines.

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