GKN Added to Boeing Sonic Cruiser Technology Development Team

GKN Aerospace Services is the newest member of the Boeing Sonic Cruiser technology development team. The team is working to develop the advanced technology solutions that will make the Sonic Cruiser a success.

The Sonic Cruiser is a new airplane concept unveiled by Boeing [NYSE: BA] in March last year. The airplane has a dramatic new configuration and is designed to fly as fast as Mach 0.98, shortening travel times with fuel consumption per passenger comparable to today's best performing widebody twinjets.

"GKN truly is a global leader in technologies such as resin transfer molding processing and propulsion structures. They have demonstrated an ability to use a global team to provide industry solutions and will be a valued member of our team," said Jeff Luckey, director of Supplier Management for the Sonic Cruiser program.

GKN Aerospace Services is a global supplier of structures, components, assemblies and engineering services to aircraft and aero engine manufacturers. It has eight locations in Europe and the United States, with headquarters in England.

"We are proud to have the opportunity to participate on this new and exciting program," said Kevin Smith, managing director GKN Aerospace Services. "We have capitalized on our strengths in both technology and innovative business practices across the group, to help meet the needs of the Sonic Cruiser program."

GKN acquired its St. Louis facilities from Boeing in 2001, and recently acquired the Boeing Thermal Jointing Center in Kent, Wash. GKN is a supplier to both military and commercial product lines for Boeing, and has a total work force of about 6,500 people.

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