FACC Joins Boeing Sonic Cruiser Technology Development Team

The international team helping develop the advanced technology solutions for the Boeing Sonic Cruiser has grown with the appointment of Austria-based Fischer Advanced Composite Components (FACC) AG.

The Sonic Cruiser is a new airplane concept unveiled by Boeing [NYSE: BA] in March last year. The airplane has a dramatic new configuration and is designed to fly as fast as Mach 0.98, shortening travel times with fuel consumption per passenger comparable to today's best performing widebody twinjets.

"We believe FACC is especially well-suited to provide development expertise to our team," said Jeff Luckey, director of Supplier Management for the Sonic Cruiser program. "The company is well respected for its ability to optimize and improve existing designs for maximum benefits."

Walter Stephan, chief executive officer of FACC AG, said his company is excited to work together with Boeing on this challenging new airplane, adding that the decision by Boeing is a great tribute to the company's emphasis on investing in new technologies for composite aerostructures.

"FACC has successfully worked the design of composite aerostructures for its existing global customer base," Stephan said. "The Sonic Cruiser is an even greater opportunity to grow this expertise with our global supplier partners."

FACC is a leader in European composites industry (100 percent of their business is composites) and has been an innovator in developing new structural applications for advanced composites in aircraft primary structure such as an aft pressure bulkhead. The company is a supplier to the Boeing 717, 737, 767 and 777 programs.

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