Boeing Names Stork Fokker to Sonic Cruiser Technology Development Team

Boeing [NYSE: BA] has added Stork Fokker Aerostructures, based in the Netherlands, to the Sonic Cruiser technology development team. The team is working to develop the solutions that will make the Sonic Cruiser a success.

The Sonic Cruiser is a new airplane concept unveiled by Boeing in March last year. The airplane has a dramatic new configuration and is designed to fly as fast as Mach 0.98, shortening travel times with fuel consumption per passenger comparable to today's best performing widebody twinjets.

"The Sonic Cruiser leadership team selected Stork Fokker as a part of its technology development effort based on Stork Fokker's expertise with advanced materials, processes and structures," said Jeff Luckey, director of Supplier Management for the Sonic Cruiser program. "We know that the technology Stork Fokker brings to the team will help us meet our program targets."

Stork Fokker specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing and supporting structural airframe components, assemblies and systems of commercial and military aircraft and helicopters.

"Our strength is in innovative design and manufacturing solutions, and innovation clearly is the key to the success of the Sonic Cruiser," said Kees de Koning, president of Stork Fokker. "Being part of the Sonic Cruiser team is very exciting and will further strengthen the ties between Boeing and Stork Fokker."

Stork Fokker has a longstanding relationship with Boeing and currently is a supplier of major structural assemblies, specialized parts and electrical wiring systems to Boeing programs including the AH-64 Apache, C-17, 737, 757, 777 and 747.

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