Boeing Sonic Cruiser Targets Environmental Performance

The Boeing [NYSE:BA] Sonic Cruiser will meet aggressive environmental performance targets.

"Faster flight is what passengers want," said Walt Gillette, vice president and program manager of the Sonic Cruiser program. "But faster must not come at the expense of environmental performance. We understand that and are working to ensure that the Sonic Cruiser brings faster flight to reality while meeting aggressive environmental performance targets."

Among the environmental performance targets at the outset are fuel efficiency, emissions and noise.

The Sonic Cruiser will use about the same amount of fuel, on a per passenger basis, as today's airplanes. Many key emissions will be lower than current airplanes and the Sonic Cruiser will be quieter than today's airplanes.

New photos and charts illustrating the Sonic Cruiser's environmental performance are now available from Boeing Media.

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