From Space to the Classroom, Boeing Educators Keep the Dream Alive

Teachers from around the globe will reunite in Huntsville, Ala., at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center's Advanced Space Academy for Educators today to celebrate their commitment to sharing the excitement of space exploration with future generations of astronauts, scientists and engineers.

They will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Boeing Educators to Space Camp program, which sends educators to U.S. SPACE CAMP® to enhance their teaching skills in math and science.

The 86 teachers represent 21 states and six foreign countries. They are U.S. SPACE CAMP® alumni who have been invited by The Boeing Company [NYSE:BA] to participate in the 10-year reunion. Their coursework begins today and will include simulated space missions, astronaut training and lectures by experts in rocketry and space exploration. Graduation ceremonies will be held at Kennedy Space Center, Fla., on July 20, a date that marks the anniversary of the first moon landing during Apollo 11, July 16-24, 1969.

"SPACE CAMP® provides a learning environment where science, math, and technology are explored and practiced through the mysteries and wonders of space," said Julie Ferriss, director of education at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center and a former graduate of the Space Academy for Educators. "For educators, SPACE CAMP® provides a place to become a learner again and to join with other educators who share the same passions for teaching and learning.

"Dr. Wernher von Braun once said, 'My friends, there was dancing in the streets of Huntsville when our first satellite orbited the earth. There was dancing again when our first Americans landed on the moon. I'd like to ask you, don't hang up your dancing slippers!' Our society needs to dance again, and it will do so through the hearts and souls of our teachers. Boeing is to be commended for its commitment to the teaching profession. It is through teachers, that our students will dance."

Besides networking with their colleagues and experiencing the rigors of astronaut training, the teachers will take back their enthusiasm and knowledge to share with the young minds in their classrooms.

"I fully credit the fact that I work for this company to a fourth-grade teacher who discussed the Space Program in class and gave me a poster of the Space Shuttle," said Cheree Kiernan, a Boeing engineer. "It was enough to make me beg my parents to attend SPACE CAMP®, Alabama and consequently work at U.S. SPACE CAMP®, Florida for three years while in college. I cannot stress enough how important it is to inspire the teachers to inspire their students. It is going to become a real challenge for the aerospace companies to acquire enough motivated college hires each year to counter the number of people that retire."

The Commission on the Future of the U.S. Aerospace industry recently charged that the aerospace industry is losing its talented work force and that there needs to be "dramatic improvements" in math, science and engineering education.

"Boeing will continue to support educational programs such as U.S. SPACE CAMP® because it ultimately reaches so many educators and students around the world who represent the future of the U.S. space program which is a national treasure," said Mary Foerster, vice president of communications for Integrated Defense Systems, a business unit of The Boeing Company.

Since 1992, The Boeing Company has sponsored nearly 250 teachers for this program. Those teachers have reached more than 23,000 students.

The Boeing Company is the world's leading aerospace company, with its heritage mirroring the history of flight. It is the largest manufacturer of satellites, commercial jetliners and military aircraft. The company is also a global market leader in missile defense, human space flight and launch services. Boeing has an extensive global reach with customers in 145 countries.



  • Janet Aoki -- Kent, WA -- Park Orchard Elem.
  • William Ardissono -- Mukilteo, WA -- Kamiak H.S.
  • Allison Bergstrom -- Seattle, WA -- Adams Elem.
  • Margaret Boitano -- Seattle, WA -- Bailey Gatzert School
  • Nick Cabot -- Seattle, WA -- Nathan Hale H.S.
  • Nikki Ebbett -- Tacoma, WA -- Gault Magnet M.S.
  • Joseph France -- Sumner, WA -- North Tapps M.S.
  • Julie Madden -- Sumner, WA -- North Tapps M.S.
  • Ron Pearson -- Everett, WA -- Voyager M.S.
  • Liz Wieier -- Mountlake Terrace, WA -- Terrace Park School
  • Patricia Atlow -- Los Angeles, CA -- Wadsworth Ave. Elem.
  • Julie Bookman -- Lancaster, CA -- Antelope Valley H.S.
  • Toni Cummings -- Anaheim, CA -- Horace Mann Elem.
  • Jim Nickel -- Lancaster, CA -- Highland H.S.
  • Gregory Darakjian -- Anaheim, CA -- Anaheim H.S.
  • Judy Michel -- Anaheim, CA -- Stoddard Elem.
  • Judy Williams -- Anaheim, CA -- Price Elem.
  • Renate Mircheff -- Seal Beach, CA -- McGaugh Elem.
  • Trina Dye -- Long Beach, CA -- International Elem.
  • Tim Williamson -- Long Beach, CA -- Science Math Resource Center
  • Jennifer Fry -- Thousand Oaks, CA -- Meadows Elem.
  • Maryann Gitt -- Simi Valley, CA -- Wood Elem.
  • Chris Hogan -- Long Beach, CA -- International Elem.
  • Bryan Plumlee -- Westminister, CA -- Warner M.S.
  • Deborah Karr -- Downey, CA -- Griffiths M.S.
  • Cathie Kenney -- Granada Hills, CA -- El Oro Way Elem.
  • Larry Lamadrid -- El Segundo, CA -- Lennox M.S.
  • Michelle Parsons -- Palmdale, CA -- Palmdale H.S.
  • Steve Ruthven -- Llano, CA -- Littlerock H.S.
  • Pamela Sheldon -- Huntington Beach, CA -- Huntington Seacliff Elem.


  • Beverly Barrett -- San Antonio, TX -- Scobee Elem.
  • Nancy Dierker -- Dallas, TX -- Lake Dallas Primary School
  • Daniel Fish -- El Paso, TX -- Parkland H.S.
  • Marion Tucker -- Plano, TX -- Wilson M.S.
  • CandaceWarren -- El Paso, TX -- Americas H.S.
  • Marvin Harris -- Shreveport, LA -- C.E. Byrd H.S.
  • Joanne Hobson -- Slidell, LA -- St. Tammany M.S.
  • Todd Rhoades -- Barterville, OK -- Wayside School
  • Sharon Paley -- Chandler, AZ -- Sirrine Elem.


  • Robert Bruns -- Downers Grove, IL -- Community H.S.
  • Marshall Gantzarow -- Milwaukee, WI -- Edison M.S.
  • Kevin McDonald -- Milwaukee, WI -- MUSI-Science
  • Chris Gardner -- St. Louis, MO -- Cool Valley Elem.
  • David Gentili -- St. Louis, MO -- Wedgwood Elem.
  • Rachel Legerski -- Willoughby, Ohio -- Washington Elem.
  • Criss Nadolson -- Hebron, Ohio -- Lakewood School District
  • Jim Newsome -- Mayfield Heights, Ohio -- Mayfield M.S.
  • Carla Gray -- Chardon, Ohio -- Munson Elem.
  • Linda Judkins -- Cedar Rapids, IA -- Taft M.S.
  • Karen Myers -- Cedar Rapids, IA -- Wright Elem.
  • Charlene Zrudsky -- Cedar Rapids, IA -- Taft M.S.
  • Barbara Pestka -- Marion, IA -- Linn-Mar M.S.
  • Marla Valliere -- Cedar Rapids, IA -- Wright Elem.
  • Willadeen Wahl -- Derby, KS -- Truesdell M.S.
  • Janet Lewandowski -- Maize, KS -- Maize East Elem.
  • Sarah Medlam -- Andale, KS -- Wilbur M.S.
  • Randy Mousley -- Wichita, KS -- Coleman M.S.
  • Sherrie Rebel -- Wichita, KS -- Derby Hills Elem.
  • Yvonne Rothe -- Wichita, KS -- Swaney Elem.
  • Tyson Yager -- Wichita, KS -- Wichita H.S. East


  • Gary Barron -- Phoenixville, PA -- Phoenixville Area H.S.
  • Teri Butson -- Lancaster, PA -- John Price Elem.
  • Corina Fiore -- Glen Mills, PA -- Garnet Valley H.S.
  • Anthony Grisillo -- Media, PA -- Glenwood Elem.
  • Mary Beth Licata -- Springfield, PA -- Cardinal O'Hara H.S.
  • Clif Daniels -- Monroeville, N.J. -- Kingsway Regional M.S.
  • Kathy Davids -- Pass Christian, MS -- Pass Christian M.S.
  • Theresa Seeger -- Kiln, MS -- Hancock M.S.
  • Patricia Deroos -- Oak Ridge, TN -- Jefferson M.S
  • Brendan Menuey -- Great Falls, VA -- Forestville Elem.
  • Alexandra Penn -- Melbourne, FL -- Univ. South Fla.
  • Joan Taddie -- Satellite Beach, FL -- Satellite H.S.
  • Jennifer Springer -- Glen Mills, DE -- Garnet Valley Elem.
  • Dorothy Waninger -- Ridley Park, DE -- Lakeview Elem.


  • Anna Iavarone -- Torino, Italy -- Liceo Classico Europeo Umberto
  • Andreas Lemcke -- Berlin, Germany -- Mahlenau School
  • Enrica Ornato -- Mondovi, Italy -- IPC Bellisario
  • Myrto Pouangare -- Limassol, Cyprus -- Lanitio Lyceum A
  • Renato Rossetto -- Luxembourg -- European School Luxembourg
  • Peter Ryback -- Bracebridge, Ontario -- Canada Bracebridge & Muskoka Lakes S.S.
  • Henry Tesch -- Leussow, Germany -- Gymnasium Carolinum
  • Saban Yapicioglu -- Hatay-Izmir, Turkey -- Izmir Ozel Turk Lisesi
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