China Xinjiang Receives New Boeing 757-200

The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] today delivered a new 757-200 to China Xinjiang Airlines. The versatile single-aisle jetliner joins the carrier's Boeing fleet of eight 757s and six 737s. China Xinjiang's 757-200 will carry 201 passengers in a two-class configuration. The delivery completes an order for three new 757-200s ordered in 2000.

"With the arrival of the new airplane, our passengers will be able to enjoy a new level of comfortable and reliable services. We look forward to the benefits from 757-200's advanced technology and high operating efficiency," said Zhao Liuan, general manager of China Xinjiang Airlines. "The 757-200's high fuel efficiency and airport performance will allow us to open new routes and therefore bring greater flexibility in the future growth of our company."

Based in the city of Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China Xinjiang Airlines operates 136 flights each week on 76 routes, eight of which are international.

"China Xinjiang Airlines is a valued Boeing customer and we are pleased that its 757 fleet is performing well," said Carolyn Corvi, 737/757 vice president and general manager. "The 757 is a beautifully designed airplane. The 757's proven performance, versatility and reliability make it ideally suited for the China region."

Able to fly transatlantic routes as well as short-haul routes, the 757 is in a class by itself when it comes to economics and airport performance. The twin-engine jetliner has the lowest operating cost per seat-mile of any single-aisle airplane in its class. The 757 also can operate out of almost any airport in the world including those in high or hot locations, with short-field runways or with noise restrictions.

The 757 is one of the quietest, most environmentally-responsible jet in the world: It uses less fuel than older mid-range airplanes, meets community noise restrictions well below current limits and complies with current and future international emissions standards.

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