First Boeing 747-400ER Comes Together in Everett Factory

This airplane -- the 1308th 747 to have its major sections joined -- will roll out of the factory in June, fly for the first time in July and following flight test and certification, deliver to launch customer Qantas Airways in October.

The 747-400ER will have the spacious new Boeing [NYSE: BA] signature interior architecture -- similar to that in the 777 and 767. It also will include greater range or more payload, a choice customers make to best fit their operations.

A second version of the 747-400ER family, the 747-400ER Freighter, will roll out of the factory this summer and enter service in late 2002.

To support this enhanced capability, the new 747-400ER Freighter and passenger versions have increased their gross takeoff weight by 35,000 pounds (15,870 kilograms) to 910,000 pounds (412,770 kilograms).

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