Boeing Delivers First Harpoon Block II Kits to Denmark

The Danish Naval Materiel Command has taken delivery of the first Harpoon Block II missiles following installation of upgrade kits, marking the first international sale of the upgraded missile.

The Harpoon Block II kit provides a new Guidance Control Unit flight computer, a new guidance section shell and a Global Positioning System (GPS) antenna. When installed, the Harpoon missile has a more accurate navigation system and can be used for coastal target suppression. The kits will be installed by the Royal Netherlands Navy for the Royal Danish Navy at their joint missile maintenance facility in Den Helder, Netherlands.

The Block II missile incorporates key guidance technologies from two other Boeing weapons programs -- the low-cost, inertial measuring unit from the Joint Direct Attack Munition; and the software, mission computer, integrated GPS/Inertial Navigation System, and GPS antenna and receiver from the Standoff Land Attack Missile-Expanded Response. These technologies expand Harpoon's capability to attack coastal, in-harbor and land targets such as shore defense sites, SAM sites, exposed aircraft, port/industrial facilities and ships in port.

The U.S. Navy completed flight-testing of the Harpoon Block II in November 2001. During flight-testing, the Harpoon Block II demonstrated precision attacks against open water and close-to-land ships as well as land targets.

Denmark, an existing Harpoon customer, was the first country to sign a $10 million contract for 50 upgrade kits in 1997. This modification upgrades about half of the Royal Danish Navy inventory, providing greater accuracy against ship targets and providing land strike capability for the first time.

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