DHL Airways Signs With Boeing's SBS International for Its Suite of Crew Management Software

DHL Airways has signed a contract with SBS International, a Boeing Company (NYSE: BA), for SBS' crew-management software suite comprising Maestro Lines, Maestro Crew and eMaestro.

Maestro Lines and Maestro Crew are dynamic tools that will allow DHL to plan and implement schedules for approximately 500 flight-deck crewmembers per month.

DHL, a Chicago-based cargo airline and the principal U.S. provider of air transportation services to the DHL Worldwide Express network, also will incorporate SBS' Internet-based crew access module, eMaestro. This product will allow DHL crewmembers to manage their own scheduling needs via the World Wide Web. Using eMaestro, crewmembers can receive schedule notifications, submit line bids, request trip trades, modify and/or view training and vacation schedules, review bid packages, check in for flights and read group messages.

"DHL is very excited about incorporating the SBS Maestro suite of products into its operations," said Dale Seay, director of Information Services for DHL. "It was clear after evaluating the marketplace that SBS had the best functionality to offer. That, combined with the additional benefit of planned integration of SBS products with those of other Boeing subsidiaries, made SBS an obvious choice." SBS' suite of products will provide DHL with a powerful and flexible tool to manage its changing flight schedules, growing crewmember forces and complex logistic requirements.

"SBS' systems will be instrumental in increasing DHL's productivity, improving its control and reducing its operational costs, while it continues to maintain its high quality of service," said Martin Wax, president, SBS International.

SBS International, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, is a provider of personnel planning, scheduling and management solutions to the worldwide aviation industry. It is part of a growing family of solutions offerings from Boeing Commercial Aviation Services intended to help increase the safety, security, and efficiency of the global air transportation system.These offerings include a comprehensive portfolio of airline flight and maintenance operations, customer/fleet support, engineering services, modifications, spare parts, information services and training.

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