Southwest Airlines First to Order New Boeing Maintenance Software

Boeing Commercial Aviation Services announced today that Southwest Airlines is the launch customer for an advanced Boeing software product that will help streamline the carrier's maintenance processes supporting its huge fleet of 737 twinjets.

The MaintStream Planning Pack Plus is a state-of-the-art software application for planning, scheduling and tracking the full range of fleet maintenance activities. By efficiently integrating and managing these activities, it reduces maintenance costs and out-of-service time, while maintaining high levels of safety and regulatory compliance.

Southwest will incorporate the software as part of its "Next Generation Maintenance Automation Project." This initiative is aimed at generating operational improvements, significant cost savings and increased financial controls in the maintenance of the airline's 359 jetliners.

The MaintStream software will help Southwest to efficiently manage all aircraft maintenance program requirements, deliver high-quality job instruction cards to mechanics, plan and schedule maintenance for line and hangar environments, and create and manage long-term maintenance forecasts.

"MaintStream is a key component of Boeing's new Enterprise One suite of software applications, and gives Southwest a powerful digital tool for managing fleet maintenance," said John Gibson, Boeing director of Maintenance Solutions and Support. "Southwest has always been an innovator, and is once again taking a leadership position in the industry by implementing this enterprise-level solution."

MaintStream was developed by AeroInfo Systems, Inc., a Canadian subsidiary of The Boeing Company. The software is part of a growing family of information technology offerings from Boeing Commercial Aviation Services, which offers a full spectrum of support products and services for the air transport industry.

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