Boeing Subsidiary Provides Airport Simulation Capability For Landrum & Brown
Software Enables First Simulation Study for City of Chicago

Preston Aviation Solutions Pty Ltd (Preston), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, has licensed its Total Airspace & Airport Modeller (TAAM) to Landrum & Brown, an international airport planning consultant firm. Landrum & Brown recently completed a detailed study of aircraft ground movements at Chicago O'Hare International Airport using the TAAM software. This comprehensive study evaluated aircraft movements associated with a proposed new terminal complex at O'Hare.

TAAM is a fast-time gate-to-gate simulation tool used by civil aviation authorities, aviation research establishments, airlines and airports worldwide to analyze operations and schedules, redesign airspace, plan for and optimize the use of existing or new facilities, and quantify critical demand-capacity relationships.

In providing consulting services to airports around the world, Landrum & Brown now uses TAAM to prepare detailed analyses of aircraft ground and air movements that support airport investment decisions, air traffic control and airline acceptance, aircraft noise analyses and air quality dispersion analyses.

"As a long-time developer and user of simulation models, we were very pleased with the accuracy and flexibility of the TAAM model," said Matt Lee, vice president, Landrum & Brown. "We were able to efficiently integrate TAAM with our own modeling tools to accurately represent one of the most complex and dynamic airports in the world. Having TAAM in our simulation toolbox will broaden our simulation capability, allowing us to further refine our analyses and better assist our clients in critical investment decisions, using a software tool accepted worldwide," he said.

Landrum & Brown also provides airport facilities and operations planning, passenger terminal planning, environmental planning, financial planning and development program implementation support services to airports worldwide. The firm is an internationally recognized leader in aviation consulting; its client base includes many of the most dynamic passenger and cargo airports in the world. Landrum & Brown is the world's largest independent consulting firm focused specifically on the aviation industry, and has provided a broad range of services to 49 of the 50 largest airports in the United States, as well as major airports through Europe, the Pacific Rim and Latin America. The firm operates from major U.S. offices in Chicago, Cincinnati, Los Angeles and Kansas City, with several additional locations worldwide.

Preston provides leading simulation, decision support and scheduling systems for the global aviation industry. It has developed advanced optimization and visualization technology, as well as industry expertise, to meet the needs of its customers through innovative software systems and services. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, the company also maintains offices in Washington D.C., Atlanta and London.

Preston Aviation Solutions is a unit of Boeing Air Traffic Management, which is developing revolutionary concepts to significantly enhance the safety and security of the air traffic system and increase capacity while retaining affordability for all users.

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