China Airlines' Boeing 747-400 Freighter Marks Milestone

A 747-400 freighter for China Airlines became the 1,300th 747 to roll out of the Everett, Wash., factory. The airplane is the ninth of 13 ordered in 1999 by China Airlines. It was the largest 747-400 Freighter order in Boeing history.

The 747-100, since making its debut in 1969, has gone on to virtually invent long-range comfort and make intercontinental travel possible for millions of people. Today's 747-400 family includes the Long-Range 747-400 (747-400ER), available in both passenger and freighter versions. The 747 flies at Mach .85, making it the world's fastest subsonic jetliner. Boeing just announced the latest version of the 747-400 series model, the 747-400XQLR (Quiet Longer Range). It will enter service in early 2004 and fly longer distances at even lower noise levels.

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