Smart Contracting Makes Boeing A Winner at Pentagon

The national Defense Contract Management Agency, or DCMA, has honored its St. Louis division and Boeing with its "Enabling the Warfighter to Win" award.

The DCMA-Boeing team received the award in January during a ceremony at Fort Belvoir, Va., for its strides in digital contracting.

Last April, Boeing completed the first delivery of a major weapons system, a Harrier II Plus, using an electronic DD250 delivery form instead of a paper form.

The DD250 document serves as legal evidence of government inspection, acceptance, receipt and delivery of supplies and services.

The electronic DD250 is faster and easier to complete than the paper form, reduces the amount of time spent on administration and ensures a more timely delivery of systems to the military. With the electronic DD250, a typical five to seven day cycle is reduced to a one-day effort.

"What this team has done is quite significant," said Randy Simons, chief financial officer, Boeing Military Aircraft and Missile Systems. "They've made the transition from a paper-heavy, process-heavy, slow and often cumbersome system to a lean, efficient and better way of doing things. But the true bottom line is that we are now able to get our product into the hands of our customers more quickly and efficiently."



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