Boeing Pursues Government Transport Airplane Market

Boeing today announced at Asian Aerospace 2002 a new focus on the replacement market for aging government transport and head-of-state airplanes. A recent study indicates that half of the world fleet is more than 20 years old and are candidates to be replaced in the next 10 years.

The evaluation of the world fleet indicates that some 200 government transport and head-of-state airplanes are in operation, and more than half are large airframes -- the size of a Boeing 737 or larger.

"Eighty percent of these large government transports were built by Boeing," said Thomas Lindberg, vice president -- Government and Military Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "We have a wealth of experience in this very selective market, and this emphasis allows us to further customize our operation for the needs of this unique group of customers."

The move is part of an overall strategy to consolidate the sale of Boeing jetliners, regardless of final application, to government and military customers.

"Whether we are selling a commercial airplane directly to a government customer or delivering an airframe to our military or space operations for one of their products, we will deliver a quality product, coordinated by a team experienced in the government acquisition process," Lindberg said.

Further information in the study noted that nearly half of the world fleet is in Asia, with progressively smaller proportions in Europe, South America and Africa. Nearly 25 percent of the fleet is more than 30 years old, with a slightly higher proportion aged between 20 and 30 years.

"The older airplanes in the fleet are experiencing decreased reliability, higher maintenance and operational costs, and many fail to meet current environmental regulations," Lindberg noted.

The entire Boeing Commercial Airplanes product line, from the distinctive 747-400 to the smaller Boeing single-aisle family, can be configured to serve as government transport aircraft. The airplanes will receive the same high quality, around-the-clock service from the global Boeing Commercial Aviation Services team as do airline customers.

Several aspects of the business will parallel the company's experience with the highly successful Boeing Business Jet. The Boeing factories will produce a "green airplane" without a cabin interior. The buyer is able to contract with a third party for a customized interior modification, or Boeing can manage the process for the customer.

In addition to government transport and head-of-state airplanes, Lindberg works closely with the company's Military Aircraft and Missiles and Space and Communications divisions on commercial platform applications for logistics aircraft -- tankers and transports -- and communications aircraft -- airborne early warning and control systems.

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