Boeing Offers New 747-400X Quiet Longer Range Jetliner

Boeing announced today at Asian Aerospace 2002 the offering to customers of the new Boeing 747-400X Quiet Longer Range airplane family.

The latest addition to the 747-400 family of airplanes was introduced during a press briefing by Larry Dickenson, senior vice president -- Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, and Jeff Peace, vice president and general manager.

"I am very excited that we can publicly announce the offerability of 747-400X Quiet Longer Range airplane at the Asian Aerospace air show -- one of the most prestigious air shows in the world," Dickenson said. "The 747 is known by many as the 'Airplane of Asia' and is the world's most recognizable airplane."

The 747-400X Quiet Longer Range could enter service in early 2004, depending on customer demand.

The 747-400X Quiet Longer Range, which is being developed in both passenger and freighter versions, will feature the Boeing signature twin-aisle interior on the passenger version, providing even more comfort and spaciousness to the 747's unbeatable 20-foot (6.1 meter) interior cross section.

The range of the passenger model is being extended to 7,980 nautical miles (14,775 kilometers), while added value also will be apparent through quieter and more environmentally responsible operation. The new 747 model will maintain 747-400 characteristics preferred by airlines and passengers worldwide, such as the lowest cost per seat and the fastest subsonic speed of any commercial airplane.

The 747-400X Quiet Longer Range freighter, in addition to its improved environmental characteristics, will have a simplified and lightened cargo handling system, providing greater operational efficiency, easier handling, lower maintenance costs and higher reliability. These attributes will continue the 747 freighter family's preference by the air cargo industry, which utilizes the 747F for 45 percent of the world's total freighter capacity.

"The 747-400X Quiet Longer Range sends a strong signal to our customers, the investment community and to our people across the Boeing enterprise," Peace said. "Boeing is firmly committed to the continuing evolution of this airplane -- incorporating into the 747 family new features and capability that add value for our customers.

"These evolutionary improvements will enhance even more the 747's unique status as the world's only true 400-seat airplane," Peace said.

"The 747-400X Quiet Longer Range will be among the quietest widebody airplanes in the sky, with noise reductions of 20 percent on takeoff and 40 percent on approach, compared to today's 747-400s," he added. "When combined with reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions, this airplane will be a great environmental performer."

In addition to this enhancement to the successful 747 family, Peace noted that the 747 is the most popular widebody airplane ever with more than 1,300 built.

Dickenson pointed out that Asia is expected to become the biggest market for commercial airplanes within the next 20 years, with requirements for more than 5,220 jets at the present value of US$537 billion.

According to data from the end of 2001, Boeing airplanes constitute 73 percent of the entire Asian widebody commercial airplane fleet. Last year alone, Boeing delivered 66 airplanes valued at US$8.7 billion to Asia.

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