Boeing Products and Services Take Center Stage At Asian Aerospace 2002

The Boeing Company, the leading aerospace company in the world, will field a significant presence -- with people and products and services -- at the Asian Aerospace 2002 show in Singapore. This year's event will be held Feb. 26 through March 3.

The Boeing exhibit, located in Hall A, will display graphic panels, plasma screens and models of various Boeing products for each major Boeing business unit -- Commercial Airplanes, Military Aircraft and Missile Systems, Space and Communications, Boeing Capital Corporation, Connexion by BoeingSM, and Air Traffic Management.

Boeing products scheduled to perform in the daily aerial flying program include the F/A-18 Super Hornet and the F-15E Eagle. Additionally, Boeing will have on static display the following products:

  • Boeing Business Jet
  • F/A-18 Super Hornet
  • F-15E Eagle
  • Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM)
  • Harpoon missile

During the show, Boeing Commercial Airplanes will spotlight the Sonic Cruiser, Boeing's newest airplane concept. The Sonic Cruiser is intended to change the way people fly, enabling passengers to travel non-stop directly to their desired destinations in less time. Additionally, Boeing will feature an exciting announcement that will further enhance the 747 family and solidify its well-deserved position at the forefront of the long-range airplane marketplace and its status as the airplane of Asia.

The Space and Communications unit will feature the 737 Airborne Early Warning and Control System at this year's Asian Aerospace show. This system is a unique blend of high-performance aircraft and mission equipment that represents the standard for future airborne early warning systems. The platform features the Boeing 737-700, an aircraft offering 21st century avionics, navigation equipment and flight deck.

Boeing Military Aircraft and Missile Systems will feature many of its military products and services, including the AH-64D Apache Longbow, the most advanced attack helicopter in the world today, and a re-configurable cockpit demonstrating both the F-15E Eagle and F/A-18E/F Super Hornet.

Boeing also will be represented by its Air Traffic Management (ATM) organization. This business unit was formed in November 2000, a move that elevated the company's focus on developing new concepts in air traffic management. The ATM team envisions an air traffic system that delivers to passengers what they ask for: safe, convenient, affordable and reliable air transportation, even as long-term demand for air travel is still expected to soar.

Boeing has scheduled numerous media and industry briefings throughout the week at the Asian Aerospace site. Media are advised to check the briefing schedule daily at the Boeing Chalet and the Boeing Exhibit for breaking news announcements and changes to the following preliminary daily schedule (all times local in Singapore):

Tuesday, Feb. 26

9:30 -- 10:30a.m. Seminar Room A

  • Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) Media Briefing
  • "The 747 and The Power of Evolution"
  • The Asia-Pacific region is unique in that airlines must fly global distances profitably while meeting customer desires for speed, comfort and convenience. The Boeing 747 and 777 families have proven time and again to be the best combination to meet these needs. Boeing will discuss its short- and long-term views, the factors that will drive the regional market and plans for the future. In addition, an announcement about the 747 program will be unveiled.
  • Presenters:
    • Larry Dickenson, Senior Vice President -- Sales, BCA
    • Jeff Peace, Vice President and General Manager, 747 Program, BCA

11a.m. -- noon Seminar Room D

  • Boeing Commercial Airplanes Safety & Security Briefing
  • This presentation will describe Boeing's working relationship with customers and the industry in response to the call for heightened security measures.
  • Presenter:
    • John Banbury, VP Technical Services, Commercial Aviation Services, BCA

2 -- 3p.m. Seminar Room A

  • Space and Communications Media Briefing
  • Space and Communications International Business Development
  • Bob Dean will discuss how Boeing securely integrates ground-, air- and space-based communications systems to government and commercial customers via land, sea, air and space. He will also discuss how Boeing is providing a clear view of communications across battle-space environments, and how the integrated battle-space, as envisioned by Boeing, provides an integrated set of interoperable systems.
  • Presenter:
    • Bob Dean, Senior Vice President, Business Development and International, Space and Communications

3 -- 4 p.m. Seminar Room A

  • Boeing Commercial Airplanes Media Briefing
  • "Airplanes for Today and Tomorrow"
  • Commercial aviation industry and airline requirements drive Boeing product development efforts. To maintain its competitive edge, Boeing is continuously investing in product development, designing new products and enhanced versions of existing models. Boeing will provide an update of its current product development efforts and the status of the Sonic Cruiser program.
  • Presenter:
    • Dan Mooney, Vice President -- Product Development, BCA

Wednesday, Feb. 27

2 -- 3 p.m. Seminar Room A

  • Air Traffic Management Media Briefing
  • Air Traffic Management Overview
  • This presentation will describe Boeing's view of an air traffic system that delivers safe, affordable, convenient and reliable air transportation.
  • Presenter:
    • Ben Sandzer-Bell, Managing Director, Strategy and New Business

3 -- 4 p.m. Seminar Room A

  • Boeing Commercial Airplanes Media Briefing
  • Boeing Aircraft Trading Overview
  • Boeing Aircraft Trading is the world's leader in previously-operated aircraft. Established to serve operators who require immediate lift and those not presently in a position to purchase brand new equipment, Boeing Aircraft Trading has been providing creative solutions to its customers for almost five years. This briefing will provide insight into how Boeing Aircraft Trading works to provide customers with fleet planning and unique value-added services.
  • Presenter:
    • Dinesh Keskar, President -- Boeing Aircraft Trading, BCA

Thursday, Feb. 28

11 a.m. -- noon Seminar Room B

  • Boeing Business Jets (BBJ)/Commercial Airplanes Government and Military Media Briefing
  • BBJ and VIP Jets Overview
  • In addition to being the leading supplier of commercial jetliners to the world's airlines, Boeing is also the leading supplier of large corporate jetliners with the Boeing Business Jet. For many years, Boeing has also been a principal source of commercial airframes for government, military and head-of-state/VIP use. This briefing will provide an update on these important markets while providing information to differentiate between these two dynamic organizations.
  • Presenters:
    • Tom Lindberg, Vice President, Government & Military Sales, BCA

Manfred Schindler, Vice President, Boeing Business Jets

Since 1916, The Boeing Company has made machines that fly -- carrying people and their goods the world over, defending the peace, helping in the exploration of space. In the process, Boeing has become the world leader in designing and building commercial jet airplanes.

Today, the long-range mission of The Boeing Company is to remain the No. 1 aerospace company in the world and among the premier industrial concerns in terms of quality, profitability and growth. To achieve that goal, the company is guided by its long-term vision: People working together as one global company for aerospace leadership.

The Boeing Company is proud of its long-standing partnerships in Asia. For more than 80 years, Boeing has worked closely with regional airlines, aerospace suppliers, governments and businesses to nurture air travel and development in the aerospace industry in Asia Pacific. Boeing is firmly committed to making these partnerships continue long into the future.



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