Transavia Announces Order for Four Boeing 737-700s

Transavia airlines, a charter and scheduled service carrier based in The Netherlands, has announced an order for four Boeing Next-Generation 737-700 airplanes. All four airplanes are scheduled for delivery in spring of 2003.

These airplanes have been accounted for in cumulative totals published by Boeing. Until today, however, the customer for the order was unidentified.

Transavia currently operates an all Boeing fleet consisting of both 737 and 757 airplanes. This order continues the process they have started to both renew and expand their fleet by adding Next Generation 737 airplanes. Transavia plans to say farewell to the last 737-300 in their fleet next winter.

"A fleet built on Next Generation 737's fits into our low cost / low fare philosophy," said Peter Legro, Transavia president and CEO. "It also supports the expansion of our BASIQ AIR service and charter business with tour operators."

Transavia currently carries 3.5 million passengers per year to more than 70 destinations in and around Europe. Their BASIQ AIR service currently serves Malaga, Barcelona and Nice, and more destinations are expected to be announced in 2002.

"We are very pleased that Transavia has selected the model 737-700," said Heiner Wilkens, senior vice president and general manager, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Europe. "With Transavia's desire to build frequencies to charter and scheduled service destinations, we believe the smaller 737 family member will make an excellent addition to the 737-800's currently in their fleet. The proven reliability and the operating economics of the 737-700 make it the perfect choice for their low-cost operation."

The Next-Generation 737 is the newest and most technologically advanced airplane in the single-aisle market. Outfitted with a new wing and more powerful engines, the new 737s can fly higher, faster and farther than previous 737 models as well as the competition. In addition, the Next-Generation 737 flight deck features the latest liquid crystal flat panel displays and is designed to accommodate new communications and flight management capabilities.

The 737 is powered by new CFM56-7 engines produced by CFMI, a joint venture of Snecma of France and General Electric of the United States. The engines meet the most stringent community noise limits.

By any measure, the Next-Generation 737 is designed to be an environmentally responsible neighbor.

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