Civil Aviation Authority Of Jamaica Purchases Software And Services From Boeing Subsidiary Preston Aviation Solutions

Preston Aviation Solutions, a wholly-owned Boeing subsidiary, today announced the award of a US$2.9M contract to provide Jamaica's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) with radar air traffic control training, and to deliver Preston's Total Airspace and Airport Modeller (TAAM) simulation software. Air traffic control procedure design services and RNAV training are also part of the 18-month contract.

The CAA purchased and installed several radar systems for Jamaica. Preston will train their air traffic controllers, as well as give the CAA the capability to train its staff in the future, using comprehensive courseware and training, a train-the-trainers approach, and the delivery and installation of several ATC radar training simulators and tower simulators at the CAA's Training Institute in Kingston.

Washington Consulting Group, a premier provider of radar air traffic control training for the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and other CAAs around the world, will assist Preston under this contract. Also joining in this effort is Airspace Safety Analysis Corporation, another Boeing subsidiary and an acknowledged expert in developing airspace procedures in the United States and the Caribbean.

As a developer of state-of-the-art aviation management software, Preston enables its customers to increase efficiency, capacity and safety by providing integrated simulation, decision support and scheduling solutions to the global aviation industry.

"This contract is a result of our solutions strategy to become an important systems integrator in the aviation marketplace," said Paul Gargett, chief executive officer of Preston. "Since our acquisition by The Boeing Company in 1999 and specifically joining the Boeing Air Traffic Management, we have focused on developing complete solutions for managing airports and airspace. This means we work to bring all the value of the Boeing offering together with other partners to answer our customer's needs," he said.

Preston has developed advanced optimization and visualization technology, as well as industry expertise, to meet customer needs through innovative software systems and consulting services. Company headquarters are located in Melbourne, Australia, with offices in Washington D.C., Atlanta and London.

Preston is a unit of Boeing Air Traffic Management, which is developing a revolutionary approach to enhance security and safety of air traffic systems while significantly increasing capacity and retaining affordability for all users.

For further information:
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Chief Operating Officer
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