British Airways Implements Maestro Lines from Boeing's SBS International

In order to improve its crew-scheduling procedures, British Airways has completed implementation of the innovative Maestro Lines flight-crew rostering software from Boeing subsidiary SBS International.

"The introduction of Maestro Lines at British Airways has been a major step forward," said David Lawrence, senior manager for Crew Scheduling at the airline. "Maestro Lines has enabled us to streamline our bid-line process, giving efficiency gains and reducing errors in our staff planning. We now have the flexibility to adapt to the business challenges that come our way. Maestro Lines has been well received by both our scheduling staff and by the flight crews."

Maestro Lines allows the airline's crew planners to most optimally schedule approximately 2,800 flight-deck crewmembers per month while taking seniority, bid requests and vacation requests under consideration.

"Maestro Lines is a dynamic tool for British Airways, speeding and enhancing the process of monthly crew assignments," said Martin Wax, SBS International president. "Maestro Lines also allows the airline's schedulers to generate rosters more quickly and efficiently."

SBS International, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA), is a provider of personnel planning, scheduling and management solutions to the worldwide aviation industry. It is part of a growing family of solutions offerings from Boeing Commercial Aviation Services intended to help increase the safety, security and efficiency of the global air transportation system.These offerings include customer/fleet support, engineering services, modifications, spare parts, information services, training and the Boeing Business Jet.

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